How to install mansfield flush valve 210

Ether way the tank lever lifts the horn up against the stop bumper, allowing water to flow under the bell end into the toilet bowl, causing the toilet to flush.

how to install mansfield flush valve 210

Place the horn bell end down over the guide rod sliding it down into the position rotating the tank lever into the loop as you guide it down if that is the type you have. The replacement of the Mansfield flush valve seal is very similar on all four of the flush valve models.

how to install mansfield flush valve 210

When replacing the black rubber flush valve seal I encourage you to wear latex or, nitrile gloves as the deteriorating black rubber will stain your hands badly and once it is removed I usually hold it in my palm and pull the glove off from the wrist bagging the old seal in the glove.

Turn off the water supply to the toilet usually at the stop valve under the left side of the tank.

how to install mansfield flush valve 210

Toilets that use the Mansfield 208 and 209 flush valve use the Mansfield 630-4837 flush valve seal but you may also use a Korky 426BP flush valve seal. Remove the tank lid and place it on the floor out of the way, placing the lid on the floor is something you should do to prevent the lid from getting broken. Your Mansfield toilet should flush properly and not leak water from the tank into the bowl. While the tank is refilling a tube from the fill valve secured into the center of the stop bumper runs water down through the center of the horn into the bowl to refill the bowl to the proper level.

How To Repair A Leaking Mansfield Toilet

Place the bowl refill tube all the way back into the center of the stop bumper. In reality it is no more difficult than changing a flapper in a conventional toilet.

how to install mansfield flush valve 210

The tank lever causes the toilet to flush by either going through a loop on the upper end of the horn or, a chain that runs from the bell end of the horn up to the handle. Lower the horn to the closed position, then screw the stop bumper back on. Replace to tank lid and cleanup you have replaced the flush valve seal.

how to install mansfield flush valve 210

There is a horn shaped tower that has the bell of the horn on top of one of the two seals, the narrow part of the horn goes up above the water line and is held in place by a guide rod with a stop bumper on the top.

There are four basic designs but, all are very similar and just two easily identifiable seals are used on the model 208, 209, 210, and 211 flush valves.

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After flushing, the horn drops back down in place with the bell again sealing against the base of the valve stopping the water flow into the bowl. The Mansfield flush valves all are secured through the tank with a nut and rubber seal holding it in place.

Share this: How To Repair A Leaking Mansfield Toilet is a simple task that many people will not undertake because the design of the Mansfield flush valve is so different than many other toilets.

Raise the horn straight up off the guide rod, turning the loop off the tank lever as you raise it if that is type of valve you have. You are now ready to turn the water supply back on and test the operation of the toilet.