Whose line kisses chip

Share this page: Ryan Stiles: Jeff Davis Chip Esten bekahboo2391:. Remember that one time when Jeff almost kissed Chip and we all freaked out a little bit?

whose line kisses chip

Want me to do one? Let's take another look at that. Clear your history. Firstly, let me say how amazing your blog is - I literally scrolled through it yesterday during the night probably a bad idea before exams, but it was worth it.

Stand behind me and sing it.

whose line kisses chip

Who can forget? I'm gonna give you a bath and then a nice bone.

Chip Esten returns to 'Whose Line is it Anyway?' on June 25th

Colin Mochrie: First time we've made money from it. I can't fucking think.

whose line kisses chip

I'll be back in a couple minutes. Drew Carey: Quotes 5. What did you just do? I can never resist this video! Am I gonna have to rub your nose in that? You mean this one, darling? You are amazing if you do share! Showing all 5 items. Everybody might want to go have a, uh, go to the bathroom for awhile.

Drew Carey: Himself

Come over here. Follow IMDb on. But I guess if I had to pick one…I would say Colin. PM me too, love ;. WHAT did you just do? It really didn't end well.