What is mos 46q requirements

what is mos 46q requirements

Successful display of typing 20 words per minute WPM or a typing test administered with industry-standard computer software e. Researches, prepares, disseminates news releases, articles, web-based material and photographs on Army personnel and activities.

May 10, 2011 Return to: They'll also take photographs when appropriate, to accompany a news article or other writing. Meade, MD.

MOS 46S: What you need to know

Continue Reading. Army Public Affairs Center. Sometimes the information gathering will include more than one of these sources.

what is mos 46q requirements

A background or interest in journalism is extremely useful, and strong communications and writing skills are crucial for soldiers in this job, military occupational specialty MOS 46Q. Since you're likely to be viewing and receiving sensitive information, you'll need to be able to qualify for a secret security clearance, so should have a record free of criminal or drug convictions.

Perform duties shown in preceding level of skill.

What is mos 46q qualifications

Careers Army Jobs. Supervise the administration of Army public affairs programs.

what is mos 46q requirements

MOS 46Q works to develop news articles by either conducting interviews with appropriate people or gathering information from military news programs and publications. You'll have the opportunity to pursue specific areas of expertise, including photojournalism, public speaking, and media relations.

MOS 46Q—Public Affairs Specialist

While all of these are parts of MOS 46Q, most soldiers are more suited to one of these tracks than they are to another. The public affairs specialist instructs Media Awareness training to Army personnel and facilitates media relations. Another important part of this Army job is training other soldiers and officers for speaking to the press, by following protocols and walking them through possible scenarios.

what is mos 46q requirements

By Rod Powers. The public affairs specialist participate in and assist with the supervision and administration of Army public affairs programs primarily through news releases, articles, web-based material, photographs of Army material for use in the internal and external news media.

what is mos 46q requirements

Prepares work schedules and assigns tasks based on requirements. It's worth noting that you'll have expertise that will allow you to write authoritatively about military issues and veterans, which should prove helpful when trying to set yourself apart from journalists with more traditional experience.