What does armchair psychology mean girls

She says her childhood has a play. Unless you're calling her a lithium zombie? BravoRealHousewives Show Rankings.

Any posts of this nature are welcome in our daily OT thread. Don't work so hard! Their style of speech is excessively impressionistic and lacking in detail.

Mean Girls

I believe many of them are self absorbed to the point where they are extremely catty, competitive, insecure, jealous, inductive and even immoral. Slade has always had a superiority complex and he has chosen to feed himself in general over his child; he would have his child go without before he himself.


Kind of takes away from her sincerity too. She absolutely derives pleasure and joy from watching others suffer. Submit a new link. Kyle was also successful as a young one, and Kathy was clearly golden for who she ended up marrying.

I want everyone to know I did it. Sidebar Picture Thread. Honestly, I can't pin point it. We absolutely are in the same parallel universe. Calm down!

She showed that in her first season, then I think tried to come off better 2nd season after viewers went after her after game night. She's part of my evidence. Tamra to me seems kind of sociopathic though- something about her dead shark eyes..... I always perceived his demeanor as apathetic. I am SO happy that I'm not the only person on earth who does this.