How to use the uber drivers app

How do I download the Uber driver app? Get signed up to drive in just a few minutes. So you may have to pick up a second passenger before dropping the first one off.

Use the "Navigate" button to send your address to either Google Maps or Waze, if you have those apps set up in your Settings for navigation.

If their request is close by, it may be easier to just stay in the Uber app, as sometimes it may take your phone a few moments to switch back and forth between apps. To stay aware of all active promotions, pay attention to emails from Uber and app messages. Tap the "Help" button to read help documentation and contact Uber - and read any information from Uber that arrives in your Uber Driver account box. Edit Related wikiHows.

how to use the uber drivers app

Parking in San Francisco is probably one of the hardest cities to park in because of the population density and the limited amount of parking spaces. Resources Cities — Uber About Us.

How To Use The Uber Partner (Driver) App

You can accept these and pick up passengers like you would with any other request. If the issue is with a specific ride, find the ride in your Earnings details or from the Trip Issues and Adjustments page in the Help section.

how to use the uber drivers app

Sometimes with a flat-rate surge you will get paid a higher amount than the displayed surge if the ride is long. Tap "Account" to view app settings and to send in new documents to Uber. It will show you up to eight other drivers close to whatever location you set. As an Uber Driver, you get an app of your own - distinct from the regular Uber app - to help you accept trips, find your passengers, and navigate to their destinations. It may say "Navigate", or you may just see a location icon.

How To Use The Uber Driver App

You can reply to support from View Messages. The icon has a white hexagon icon on it, with a square design cut out in the middle.

During pickup and single trip rides, it'll tell you "Picking up rider name " or "Dropping off rider name ".

how to use the uber drivers app

But you can still submit a question online at help. How surge pricing areas look inside the Uber app Swipe up to see more messages, or swipe down to view the map.

how to use the uber drivers app

Method 2. Explaining how the app works is a very visual process, so I highly recommend watching the video. This area also has two reports: After you have logged into the Uber partner app and have your vehicle selected with all your documents uploaded, you should see the map of your area just like above.

how to use the uber drivers app