How to repair ubuntu 8.04 from cd

Partners Support Community Ubuntu. Start the Live CD up as normal. The next process we are going to perform is to temporarily change the root directory of our terminal chroot , so that we can run the GRUB installer directly from the hard drive.

Ubuntu 8.04 Strange Live CD Problem

I did tonight make a boot cd, an ubuntu live cd, since it was suggested my ubuntu 8. Now reboot your system.

how to repair ubuntu 8.04 from cd

The time now is 05: Latest Tips Popular. October 15th, 2013 3. Not sure what happened, but I just want to get to and back up some of my files before I wipe my hard drive clean and reinstall windows.

If you have a more complicated multi-boot setup, like myself, you probably know this.

how to repair ubuntu 8.04 from cd

If you actually use the drive to install Ubuntu on a server, it may turn out that the installer puts grub on the USB disk because it's detected as the first drive instead of your hard drive. Results 1 to 7 of 7.

how to repair ubuntu 8.04 from cd

I think my next move will be to look into the trial version of RecoverMyFiles as suggested in one of the replies. From this point forward, be very careful. The guide tells me to double click on my media drive which for me says "34.

Using the Ubuntu CD (Recommended)

Also, you need to actually know which system holds the configuration file for your GRUB boot loader and on which partition it is located. I would really appreciate it! May 06, 2009 Updated: Refer to the handy guide on fixing a broken system Now reboot your system. October 19th, 2013 7.

how to repair ubuntu 8.04 from cd

I found a good walk through of how to use ubuntu CD to get to my files and back them up the guide is here: Unfortunately, maintaining a multi-boot configuration like this can be a pain, especially if you later install an operating system which overwrites the GRUB boot loader you had in place such as a version of Windows.

If you are not confident, perhaps find a friend who knows Linux more intimately to do this process. Now proceed as described in "The terminal way" above.

How to Fix Ubuntu 8.04 Casper script for Persistence

Ubuntu 17. Contents How To Reinstall Ubuntu Before doing anything Run the Ubuntu installer Choose the right option After reinstalling See also Sometimes reinstalling is the quickest way to solve a problem, for example if an upgrade failed or if your graphics driver is broken.

You will be able to choose between Ubuntu and Windows. Since your data was on a Windows partition, based on my experience at doing this successfully, my suggestions are the following: The usual caveats apply.