How to protect website from spammers

how to protect website from spammers

Most spam prevention techniques are about staying ahead of the curve. This method works well if you don't get a lot of continuous spam, but instead get periodic bursts of activity, such as with a sign in form.

You can use something like email obfuscation.

how to protect website from spammers

It may seem frustrating at times but that is exactly the point. If it's not clickable e. One of the most common complaints new website owners have is the amount of spam comments, contact form submissions and signups that occur when your website goes live. In addition to using strong passwords, it is advisable to change it from time-to-time.

The customer has also entrusted you with his or her private information. I can be wrong, but I believe that nowadays it is inefficient. The easiest way to create an email link in WordPress is also the easiest way for hackers to scrape your email address: First one is spambot which is programmed to abuse all web forms it can reach, leave comments about some product and spread the links.

how to protect website from spammers

It can alter your page content. Besides being so annoying the spam comments can hurt your ranking in SERPs. Firefox refuse to send this header with POST requests.

In case a robot is found not obeying the robots.

how to protect website from spammers

I have a forum, where I temporary enabled anonymous posts. Every company needs a memorable domain name so that people can find their website easily. Sure, they could use OCR on the image, but why bother for just one email address? Mari Kane on May 20, 2016 at 11: Now at tech.

Spam-Proofing Your Site To Save Your Inbox From Unwanted Email

Social Networking — An invitation to connect with someone influential in the industry. Like This Article? So what I did, was to create a "Spam Attribute" on my post object, and set it to the return value of Akismet. Have a look at PrivateDaddy - I think it does exactly what you're looking for: NET and more.


I have NO idea if that actually works. That imposes to use as much as possible methods to protect a web form from spam.

how to protect website from spammers

Then use regular expressions to find and block such a content.