How to make bhaja moong dal

Usually I always cook dal in a pressure cooker. Hope you will enjoy it. Dissolve turmeric powder in a little water and add the paste to the pan.

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Motorshuti Diye Bhaja Moong Dal (Bengali moong dal with peas)

Once it boils, simmer it on a low flame for half hour or till the dal becomes soft without being mushy. Snapdeal Shop Online - Snapdeal. It is then cooked and tempered with spices which only enhance the flavor. Share this Recipe.

how to make bhaja moong dal

Bhaja mooger dal is a Bengali delicacy. Prep in 10 M.

Moong Dal Recipe | Traditional Bengali Moong Dal | Bhaja Mooger Dal Recipe

Its the recipe of Moong dal. Method Weigh out the dal and add it to a dry pot preferably a kadai or wok , set on medium heat.

ভাজা মুগের ডাল । HOW TO MAKE BENGALI BHAJA MUGER DAL -- Bhaja Moong Dal

Not that much in my house. In almost every Bengali Family one or two days are reserved for Vegetarian meals.

Sobji Diye Bhaja Muger Dal Recipe (Bengali Style Moong Dal with Winter Vegetables)

After a minutes or two, turn off the heat. This moong dal preparation is serving in several occasion of Bengal.

how to make bhaja moong dal

Cook with Yellow-Merry Tummy. Once done, turn off the heat and serve. She gives me a frown, a-frown-thats-really-not-a-frown, picks up a couple of moong dal grains, now speckled with tiny dots of brown on the pale yellow, with her deft fingers, from the scalding heat of the kadai how does she manage to not singe her fingers?

It makes the plain dal even better in taste and flavor.

how to make bhaja moong dal

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how to make bhaja moong dal

Cover and let it cook on medium till the grains are almost cooked. Add salt as per taste. Then boil the dal on a high flame for 5 minutes till all the vegetables have cooked.

If it is lightly roasted, it will never make any Acidity. If you want your dal to be simple and regular type, don't add chopped coconut, cashew, raisins and peas.