How to frighten bats away

Behind shutters Broken or torn screens Chimney Open soffits Openings for pipes or wires Under eaves, siding, and shingles Vents Repair damaged screens and seal off openings with caulk or foam insulation.

how to frighten bats away

Some of them are marketed as a deterrent for bats, but they are inhumane. However, according to scientists, this method is not effective since the bats are most likely return.

how to frighten bats away

Bats can transmit dangerous diseases through a bite, such as rabies, dangerous Marburg and Ebola viruses. You can also invest in covers for vents and openings along the outside of your home, such as your chimney opening and dryer vents.

How to Keep Bats Away - Prevention

The best solution is to build a new roosting site for them. This will allow remaining bats to easily get out of the shelter, while those outside will have no chance to get in.

how to frighten bats away

Moderately priced sealants and versatile flexible metal nets are available on the market. If a bat flies into your home during daytime, it will be as surprised as you are — and will want to find an exit.

how to frighten bats away

On this second inspection, pay more attention to the areas inside your home where the bats were roosting to see if any remain. Try leaving a light on in the attic or another area you think bats might be inhabiting.

But still, there are species that feed on fruit causing damage to horticulture. That would hopefully scare the bats off and discourage them from coming down into the chimney.

how to frighten bats away

These creatures live all over the world in a variety of geographies: Bat breeding is usually delayed, as after conception in winter the offspring will emerge only in May and June. Bats will cluster as colonies in the same location called a hibernaculum each year to preserve body heat.

How to Get Rid of Bats

Although you may not want to think of them beyond getting rid of them, experts advise against discouraging them too much. Need to hire an exterminator? Hence, an important rule is to never touch bats with bare hands. Check current price. Choose Wildlife. However, Margaret Brittingham, the Professor of Wildlife Resources states that the danger is somewhat exaggerated.

Fixit: Tips for discouraging bats - and pigeons

I'm keeping my spray bottle handy if it returns! More From Variety. After only one month, pups will take flight.