Grandmas half marathon what to expect

For some, Grandma's Marathon is the deal of a lifetime

There are flights from Minneapolis or Detroit to Duluth, but you need a car in Duluth anyway so the drive was better than the extra expense of flying directly into Duluth.

I ran with the 3: Very efficient and very friendly, including the fans. He has a hamstring injury and won't be able to run this year, but he promises to be back.

grandmas half marathon what to expect

Tweet Site Map. Overall, a great race and I highly recommend. The whole investment is you get a lot more rewards than just running. I actually like the fact that you get your finisher shirt when you finish the race, that's the definition of finisher shirt. Running keeps everything in tow. One Sweet Grandma about: Ever run in the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon?

grandmas half marathon what to expect

Skip to main content. Retired St. Well organized, and well supported by a town that is eager to please. However, Rohde of Two Harbors, a now-retired real estate agent, knew something about appraising value.

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She purchased a lifetime entry as a 49-year-old in 1990. The final 6 miles were full of rowdy spectators providing a ton of distractions, even a long line of troll dolls along the curb around mile 22 which qualifies as one of the strangest things I've come across during a race.

She 'tried to take everything away from me'. This is a really fun race and is completely worth the trip to Duluth. At least 6 or more months before the race.

grandmas half marathon what to expect

Who would have thought? Would I do this race again?