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Later prospective Doctors shied away from taking the role due to pre-emptive fears of typecasting: Torchwood is an anagram of Doctor Who, originally used as a code name. She was given a contract and began rehearsals with Jon Pertwee, but it soon became apparent that the pair did not have the necessary chemistry and were an odd physical pairing.

Doctor Who: 50 things you didn't know

Peter Capaldi was also 55, albeit a few months younger than Hartnell. What seems to be your problem? Brian Hodgson of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop dragged the keys across the bass strings of an old piano, and played the resulting sound backwards.

cheap cool crazy doctor who

Give me your number. Et voila: Crazy Doctor Nurse Patient 1: But he was quite the trouper As the departed Colin Baker declined to film a regeneration scene, the incumbent McCoy had to play both his part and the part of his predecessor — with the aid of a blond curly wig. First Name required. That will be 3 rmb.

cheap cool crazy doctor who

McCoy got the part. When the series was revived in 2005, there was a very real chance that the Daleks themselves were going to be exterminated.

cheap cool crazy doctor who

Rice, some fish, vegetables, nothing unusual. What could possibly go wrong?

cheap cool crazy doctor who

You can go now. A h, the Sonic Screwdriver, that most divisive object in the New Who arsenal.

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I woke up this morning and one ear was just… HUGE! Sit here and I will saw it off.

cheap cool crazy doctor who

My details. The Daleks were based on the Nazis...

Poor Cybermat, it tried so hard. Smith debuted in the role at the age of 27, making him the youngest actor to play the part. Email required.